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Seeder SPU-4L (flax opener)

Описание модели

Designed for sowing almost all cereals, legumes and grass crops, such as: wheat, rye, barley, oats, peas, lupine, clover, vetch, turnip, etc.

The seeder is mounted, equipped with a SA-1 automatic hitch, is aggregated with tractors of classes 1.4 and 2.0 with an independent PTO drive and a speed of 1000 rpm.

– working width of capture – 3m, 4m, 6m;
– opener design – anchor, disc, linen;
– additional options: tramline, bale harvester, chain harvester.


– Simplicity of design and versatility
– Possibility of choosing different types of working bodies (openers)
– Ability to use both for sowing grain and leguminous crops, and for sowing herbs with the possibility of stepless adjustment of the seeding rate.
– The seeder is equipped with a device for automatic control of the level of seeds in the hopper and the operation of seeding devices.
– At the request of the consumer, the sowing can be equipped with a seed tube shut-off system to form a “tramline”.

Central dosing is the heart of the system. Through the reel-type sowing device, the sowing mass is consumed in a strictly defined amount. The edges of the spool are protected by a rubber seal 2a, so that the seed is not damaged, and when shaken it cannot spill out uncontrollably. Brush 2c in the process of work cleans the grooves from stuck seeds. Smooth adjustment of the seeding rate is carried out by changing the depth of the grooves of the reel 2 of the sowing device. Seeds from the sowing device fall into the injector 3, move with the air flow from the fan 1, are transported upward to the distributor 4, evenly mixing in the shaft pipe and from there on to the coulters.

562 385р

General characteristics

Working width of capture, m: 4,0Coulter design: linenWorking speed, km / h: 5-12Hopper capacity, cubic decemeters, not less: 500Seeding rate, kilogram per hectare: 15-268Number of rows: 64Row spacing (standard), cm: 6,25Seeding depth, mm: 20-50Weight, kg, no more: 935Productivity by main time, gactar per hour: 2,0-4,8It is aggregated with a tractor: 1.4Manufacturer: Lidagroprommash OJSC

Overall dimensions, in transport position, mm, no more

length: 2200width: 3100height: 2350

Overall dimensions, in working position, mm

length: 2140width: 6800height: 1960
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