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Seeder STV8KU (8 sowing sections, equipment for fertilizing) tractor class 1.4

Model Description

STV-8KU – is intended for sowing various crops: corn, sunflower, soybeans and other vegetable crops with a minimum seed size of 2.5 mm with the simultaneous introduction of a starting dose of granular mineral fertilizers with a row spacing of 60-75 cm.

Additional options: a set of sunflower seeding discs.


Simplicity of design, maintenance, readjustment and adjustments.
– Accurate dosing of seeds per running meter.
– Wide possibilities for setting the seeding rates for different sowing conditions and different crops.
– Quick changeover of the STV-12 seeder for the possibility of sowing corn, sunflower and other crops with a row spacing of 60-75 cm.

1 282 116р

General characteristics

Type: semi-mountedProductivity, hectare per hour, when raking: 7,2-8,2Capture width, m: 6,2-7,0Working speed, km/h, no more: 12Transport speed, km/h, no more: 20PTO rotation speed, rpm: 540Weight, kg: 1990Transport clearance along the wheel axis, mm, not less: 300Width of the formed roll, meters, no more: 1,2(1,8)Roll density, kg/m, no more: 10Service staff, people: 1 tractor driverManufacturer: Lidagroprommash OJSC

Overall dimensions, mm, no more:

length in working position: 7800width in working position: 5860height in working position: 1500length in transport position: 7800width in transport position: 2840height in transport position: 3650
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