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Tractor Belarus 1221.3-806 (reversible control post, HDU)

Model Description

Features: reversible control post, HDU!
A powerful six-cylinder turbocharged engine with an intercooler, allowed to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere with a simultaneous increase in power (+6 hp), torque (+68 Nm) and the engine torque reserve factor (from 15 to 25%) , which in turn made it possible to significantly increase the traction capabilities of the tractor and the convenience of its use under load.
Tri-band gearbox with 16 forward and 8 reverse gears, which ensures the optimal choice of the transmission ratio for each technological operation of agriculture.
The central drive of the front driving axle, which made it possible to simplify the design with an increase in its overall reliability (the intermediate support was eliminated).

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3 615 000р

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