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Tractor "Belarus - 2022.3"

Model Description

The tractor is designed for various general agricultural operations, basic and pre-sowing soil cultivation, sowing as part of wide-cut and combined units, harvesting as part of high-performance harvesting complexes, transport operations.

Cab design: Cab with cylindrical glass.

Diesel emissions meet Stage II, air conditioning, a set for doubling the rear wheels.

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General characteristics

Brakes: multi-discTrailer brakes: pneumatic, interlocked with tractor brake controlMaximum permissible weight, kg: 10000Front undercarriage / PTO: Climatic performance: U1Reverse reducer: mechanicalMinimum speed forward/backward, km / h: 1,14/1,6Maximum speed forward/backward, km / h: 39,7/18,7

Hydraulic system

Carrying capacity of the rear hitch on the suspension axis, kg, not less: 6500Maximum pressure, MPa: 20-2Volumetric flow of the pump at the rated speed of the diesel engine crankshaft, liters per minute, not less: 55Hydraulic tank capacity, liters: 35,0 ± 0,5


engine's type: 6-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooledPower, horsepower / kW: 212/156,0Brand: D-260.4S2Environmental standard: Stage IISpecific fuel consumption, g/(kWh): 250,0 ± 7,0Maximum torque, Nm²: 900

Running system

Undercarriage type: wheeledWheel formula: 4x4


Transmission: mechanical, stepped with constant mesh gears, gear shifting within each range by synchronizers, range switching by gear couplings and synchronizersClutch: frictional double-disc constant-closed typeNumber of transfers forward / backward: 24/12Rear PTO, min-¹: 540/1000


Front tires: 420/70R24Rear tires: 580/70R42
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