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Tractor "Belarus - 3022.2"

Model Description

The tractor is designed for various general agricultural operations, basic and pre-sowing soil cultivation, sowing as part of wide-cut and combined units, harvesting as part of high-performance harvesting complexes, transport operations.

The switching and protection unit has been implemented. Diesel emissions of harmful substances correspond to Stage II.

Hydraulic linkage system with electrically controlled distributor EHS and EHR-5 for front linkage control (PLL), front power take-off shaft (PTO), set for doubling rear wheels, air conditioner as standard.

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General characteristics

Brakes: diskTrailer brakes: pneumatic, interlocked with tractor brake controlMaximum permissible weight, kg: 14000Front undercarriage / PTO: Climatic performance: U1Minimum speed forward/backward, km / h: 0,38/0,41Maximum speed forward/backward, km / h: 40,94/20,07

Hydraulic system

Carrying capacity of the rear hitch on the suspension axis, kg, not less: 10000Maximum pressure, MPa: 20,5 ± 0,5Volumetric flow of the pump at the rated speed of the diesel engine crankshaft, liters per minute, not less: 120Hydraulic tank capacity, liters: 110,0 ± 0,5


engine's type: 6-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooledPower, horsepower / kW: 303,3/223,0Brand: BF06M1013FCEnvironmental standard: Stage IISpecific fuel consumption, g/(kWh): 248,0^+12,5Maximum torque, Nm²: 1300

Running system

Undercarriage type: wheeledWheel formula: 4x4


Transmission: mechanical, stepped with constant mesh gears, six gears shifting within each range using hydraulic friction clutches, range switching with gear clutchesClutch: frictional double-disc constant-closed typeNumber of transfers forward / backward: 36/24Rear PTO, min-¹: 1000


Front tires: 540/65R30Rear tires: 580/70R42; 620/70R42; 650/65R42
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