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Tractor Belarus 82.1 - 046 portal bridge

Model Description

A versatile tractor for a wide range of agricultural operations.

The portal front drive axle provides a large agricultural clearance and stepless track adjustment for maximum convenience in inter-row cultivation.

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1 615 000р


Engine's type:: DieselPower, kW (horsepower):: 60,0 (81,0)Environmental standard:: Stage IIEngine model:: D-243S2Rated speed, rpm:: 2200Number of cylinders, pieces:: 4Working volume, liters:: 4,750Maximum torque, Nm:: 298Specific fuel consumption, g/kW/h:: 229Fuel tank capacity, liters:: 130

Hydraulic linkage system

Hydraulic linkage type:: without power regulator, providing only high-altitude regulation of agricultural implementsCarrying capacity of the rear hitch on the suspension axis, kg:: 3200Maximum pressure, MPa:: 20Pump capacity, liters per minute:: 45Hydraulic tank capacity of the attachment, liters:: 25

Running system

Type:: WheeledWheel formula:: 4K4Clutch clutch:: Dry single disc

Dimensions, weights and equipment

Length / Width / Height, mm:: 3930/1970/2800Wheelbase, mm:: 2450Front wheel track, mm:: 1430-1990Rear wheel track, mm:: 1400-2100Ground clearance, mm:: 465Operational weight, kg:: 4000Front tire size:: 11,2-20Rear tire size:: 15,5R38


Clutch clutch:: Dry single discTransmission:: MechanicalFront drive axle type:: PortalNumber of gears forward / backward:: 18/4Travel speed km / h forward / backward:: 1,9 – 34,3 / 4,1 – 9,2Rear PTO independent I, rpm:: 540Rear PTO independent II, rpm:: 1000Rear PTO synchronous I, revolutions per meter of track:: 3,4Maximum power at ZVOM, kW:: 53,3Differential lock:: Hydraulic
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