The category of equipment is intended for picking up hay rolls of sown and natural grasses, straw, they are pressed into rolls and wrapped with twine. All models are aggregated with tractors, when choosing a baler, pay attention to the traction class of your machines. The range of our company includes equipment with the following functions: - crushing of the selected mass, followed by pressing into rolls and tying with a net or twine. - with an open-type variable bale chamber for picking up flax strand belts, pressing into cylindrical rolls with laying two twine threads between the layers. - with the use of a polymer net (allows to reduce the time of wrapping a bale by 3 times in comparison with twine) - with the formation of bales, which allows you to adjust their density. At the exit, the dimensions and weight of the bale are much smaller, which simplifies loading and transportation. When choosing a model, focus on the tasks that need to be solved with the help of the baler.