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Round baler "PR-F-145S"

Описание модели

The PR-F-145S baler is designed for the preparation of roughage and straw bedding. It was developed as a modification of the serial PR-F-145 baler by equipping it with a device for wrapping bales with a polymer net.

On request, the PR-F-145S baler can be equipped with a device for wrapping the bale with twine.

For feeding a net or twine, as well as monitoring the technological process, the PR-F-145S baler is equipped with an information and control system with the ability to operate in automatic mode.

For reference. The use of a polymer net allows to reduce the wrapping time of the bale by 3 times in comparison with twine and increases the productivity of the baler by 1.5 times, ensuring the correct cylindrical shape of the bale, which is important for loading and transporting and storing bales in places of storage. Rolls wrapped in netting are less susceptible to penetration by atmospheric precipitation due to the formation of a more streamlined outer surface. The end result is that the quality of roughage or straw bedding is better preserved.

The PR-F-145S baler is aggregated with tractors of drawbar category 1.4. However, due to the lack of brakes on the baler, according to safety requirements, it is recommended to use tractors with an operating weight of at least 4300 kg (due to the installation of ballasts).

The design of the PR-F-145S baler uses fiberglass-based protective fences made at the Osipovichi Plant of Automobile Units OJSC.

1 199 820р

General characteristics

Weight, kg, no more: 2150Net consumption for 1 roll, meters: 11.5 (in two layers)Consumption of 1 roll of mesh (length 3000m): up to 250 rollsProductivity, rolls per hour: up to 30Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Roll dimensions, m

diameter: 1,5length: 1,2

Roll wrapping time, seconds:

mesh: 18-24twine: 55-65

Overall dimensions, m

length: 4,3width: 2,3height: 2,4
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