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New machines at Belagro-2018 are presented by «Bobruiskagromash» Management Company

New machines at Belagro-2018 are presented by «Bobruiskagromash» Management Company

BobruiskAgromash presented a number of new developments at the international exhibition “Belagro-2018”. At the forefront of the show is an updated complex for feed production, which is gaining relevance with the development of large-scale milk and beef production. Trailed mower KDP-310A, rear-mounted – KPN-3.1 and frontal – KDF-310 can easily take a place in the first ranks of hayfields. Equipped with a new domestic cutter bar with eight rotors and adapters of the hammer or crimping type, they ensure mowing in accordance with the technology requirements. While developing the cutterbar, the engineers unified it with the KPR-9 mowers ( Having passed all the tests, the cutting bar BR-3,1 was put into production and is offered on order as «Cutting bar BR-3,1 TU BY 700067572.080-2009»

This year, the family of mowers has been supplemented with a new KDN-240 mounted mower, which is still equipped with an imported cutterbar. We expect that it will become as popular as the legendary KDN-210, the demand for which is practically not decreasing. The created variety of mowers allows you to combine them according to a block-modular scheme: KDF-310 + KPN-3.1 or KDF-310 + KDP-310A with a total working width of 6m (

The family of traditional PRF balers, which continue to reliably hold the market and justify themselves in fields and hayfields, have significantly densified their ranks due to new models. However, with an increase in yields and volumes of harvested feed, as well as growing requirements for their quality, in practice, new modifications are required, the tests of which we have almost successfully completed. For example, the PR-F-145S round baler is equipped with a mesh wrapping mechanism ( A well-thought-out combination of the proven advantages of the base model and new offerings increases machine productivity by 50%, as the bale wrapping time is reduced by up to 3 times. It is important to note that the safety of the harvested roughage and bedding has improved due to the net wrapping, while the cost of wrapping one bale has only doubled compared to the twine. The appearance of the PR-F-145S baler has also been improved due to the use of plastic protective fences.

The PRI-150 balerreceived a deeper development in comparison with the base model. Here you can see a feed rotor with a chopping mechanism for the selected mass, a pick-up with an increased working width of up to 1.95 m, mechanisms for wrapping bales with net and twine, a reinforced pressing mechanism and a modern exterior of the machine appearance (

But the designers went even further when developing the PRP-160 baler. In pursuit of the goal of increasing the compaction density, a variable volume baling chamber with a roll diameter of up to 1600 mm was proposed. The belt pressing mechanism is represented by six belts with a width of 150 mm with reinforced connecting locks. The baler ensures the formation of bales with a density of up to 500 kg / m³ (with a moisture content of the pressing mass of 60-65%), provides a compacted bale core, which, in combination with net wrapping, allows them to be subsequently wrapped in a polymer film, for example, with a self-loading OPC bale wrapper -2.

But the small-sized PR-60 baler is represented by almost 75% localized. For the second year already, it has invariably attracted increased attention and aroused positive emotions from visitors to the stand. The rolls it forms with a diameter of about 60 cm and a weight of 25-40 kg represent a very practical package for feeding.

The modernized baler PT-165M is presented for individual and private farms. Equipped with a new strapping machine, it works almost non-stop and, thanks to the compact packaging of the pressing mass, invariably remains a good helper for livestock breeders, mainly in the eastern CIS countries.

The complex of machines for the preparation of roughage includes a roll grinder IGK-5M, which surpasses analogues in quality and number of functions performed. The designers took care of chopping bales and bales of hay, straw and silage into particles according to the specified sizes from 2 to 20 cm, spreading the straw in stalls without dusting livestock buildings, and on walking grounds – at a distance of up to 15 m.

In the field of storing and storing fodder, a packer of silage and hay mass USM-1 is shown, designed for packing with a density of 550-600 kg / m³ in a polymer sleeve (2.7 m in diameter and up to 75 m long) of crushed mass from dried grasses or corn. Calculations carried out in practice show that the cost of harvesting using USM-1 is comparable to the trench method, and in terms of feed quality it is equal to the methods of individual winding of bales, but they are 30% cheaper (

The presented semi-trailed feed mixer PRSK-12 with a milling cutter for self-loading is already known in the model range of our feed dispensers. A feature of the current design is the feed mixture weighing system, which is developed and manufactured in the republic.

The complex of machines for fodder production is closed by the crushers of wet grain of the IVZ series. Unlike other manufacturers, they are equipped with domestic working elements with a long service life and have proven themselves in operation with a capacity of 7 to 20 t/h. The presented grinder IUVZ-20 is equipped with equipment for adding a preservative, which makes it possible to harvest crushed grain of high moisture content (35-40%) with packaging of grain in a polyethylene sleeve. At the request of the consumer, shredders are manufactured with an electric drive, a diesel engine or with a drive from a tractor PTO shaft (

There was also a replenishment in the ranks of our traditional machines for applying solid and liquid organic fertilizers. The new version presents MTU-24A and MZHU-20A ( In order to reduce the pressure on the soil and the vertical load on the tractor drawbar, they are manufactured in a three-axle version, and the AVU-6 adapterfor subsurface liquid manure application significantly increases the uniformity of application, which significantly less pollutes the air, soil and water.

The new PST-18 tractor semitrailer represents a family of unified high-capacity semitrailers (PST-14 – PST-24) on wide-profile tires for tractors of traction classes 3, 4 and 5. The created new undercarriage system of trailers is applicable to all new agricultural machines of our enterprise with a carrying capacity of more than 14 tons, which will reduce operating costs during their maintenance and repair. When creating the PST-24 semitrailer, a universal front rolling bogie with a MAZ fifth wheel coupling was developed, which provides coupling with any 3-axle semitrailer of the enterprise. Unlike “clean” trailers, this bogie adds load to the tractor’s hitch, which improves the cross-country ability of the unit under adverse field and road conditions ( The adopted method made it possible to increase the carrying capacity of special semitrailers PS-45A (up to 13t instead of 11t for the base model PS-45) and PS-60B (up to 18t instead of 14t for PS-60A) (

For flax growers, we have modernized the baler in order to increase productivity from 0.6 to 0.8-1.1 ha/h. For this, the design has been made to eliminate the shortcomings of the base model ( According to the results of the development, there will be two models of balers in production: PRL-150AM and PRL-150MG (presented at the stand). The fundamental difference between them lies in the type of drive: PRL-150AM has a mechanical drive from the tractor power take-off shaft, and PRL-150MG is hydraulically driven from an autonomous hydraulic station with microprocessor control of the rotation speed of the pressing belts and the pick-up, which ensures the formation of a given linear density of the flax layer in the roll taking into account the yield of flax trees and the working speed of the unit. For the rest, a deep modernization of the structure was made in the same way for the two models.

Visitors to our exposition will also see the upgraded RU-7000-1 fertilizer diffuser. Unlike the basic model, it has a bottom conveyor hydraulic drive, controlled by a microprocessor, depending on the preset application rate and the operating speed of the unit.

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