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Tractor mounted disc mower "KDN-210"

Tractor mounted disc mower “KDN-210”

Описание модели

The mower is designed for mowing natural and seeded grasses, including high-yielding and lodged, with laying the mowed mass in a swath. The mower is used in all zones, except for mountain ones, on leveled meadows (hayfields) not clogged with stones protruding from the soil by no more than 30 mm.

The mower is aggregated with tractors of 0.9 and 1.4 tp class, equipped with a three-point rear hitch, with a PTO shaft with a rotational speed of 540 min-1.

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318 100р

General characteristics

Type: hingedCapture width, m: 2,1Weight, t: 0,53Productivity, ha/h: 0,95..2,85Cut height, mm: 40..100Tractor, class. vehicle: 1,4Type of drawbar of the tractor: Hinged device -2Manufacturer: Smolselmash LLC

Overall dimensions, m

length: 1,25width: 3,9height: 1,6
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