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Rotary road mower (mounted) KRD-1.5A


Model description

Designed for mowing grasses, decorative trimming of shrubs, trees, etc. plantings. It is used in work on highways (roadsides, ditches and dividing lines), streets, slopes and canals.

To protect the operator from accidental ejection of stones, a special protective mesh fence is installed on the cutting device.

850 000р

General characteristics:

Mower type: HingedBasic tractor: Tractor "Belarus" 920, 82.1; 80.1Technical productivity per hour of continuous operation, no more:: Mowing cultivated grasses on flat areas, linear kilometers: 9Mowing vegetation on slopes, linear kilometers: 5Cutting shrubs and trees Ø20 mm: 5Working body capture width, no more, mm: 1600±20Slope mowing width, not less, mm: 3500±50The angle of the mowed slope: 0°-50°Cutting height of plants, mm: 60-100Height of trimming of decorative and snow-protective plantations in the horizontal plane, mm: 2000, not lessCutting height of trees, mm: 5300, no morePTO rotation frequency, rpm.: 1000Rotor speed, rpm: 2000Ground clearance, mm: 400, not lessManufacturer: Smolselmash LLC

Overall dimensions, mm , not more than:

length: 4100width: 2735height: 3100weight, kg: no more than 1050

Tractor track, mm:

on the rear wheels: 2000on the front wheels: 1650

Travel speed, no more:

Transport, km/h: 20Working, km/h: 15
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