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Tractor Belarus 1221.3-733 creeper

Model Description

A powerful six-cylinder turbocharged engine with an intercooler made it possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere with a simultaneous increase in power (+6 horsepower), torque (+68 Nm) and the engine torque reserve factor (from 15 to 25%), which in turn, it significantly increased the traction capabilities of the tractor and the convenience of its use under load.

Tri-band gearbox with 16 forward and 8 reverse gears, which ensures the optimal choice of the transmission ratio for each technological operation of agriculture.

The central drive of the front driving axle, which made it possible to simplify the design with an increase in its overall reliability (the intermediate support was eliminated).

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3 360 000р


Type: Diesel direct injection turbocharged with intercoolerModel: D-260.2S2 (MMZ)Engine power, kW (horse power): 97 (132)Rated speed, rpm: 2100Number of cylinders, pieces: 6Working volume, liters: 7,12Maximum torque, N*m: 568Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW*h: 250Torque safety factor, %: 25Fuel tank capacity, liters: 135

Dimensions and weight

Overall length, mm: 4500Width (at the ends of the rear wheel axle shafts), mm: 2300Cab height, mm: 2850Tractor base, mm: 2760Front wheel track, mm:: 1540-2090 (stepped)Rear wheel track, mm:: 1530-2150Agrotechnical clearance, mm: 620The smallest turning radius, meters: 5,4The depth of the ford to be overcome, meters: 0,85:


Clutch: dry, two-discTransmission: mechanical, synchronizedNumber of transfers: forward / back: 16/8Movement speed: forward / backward: 1,5-35/2,75-16,4Rear PTO independent I, rpm: 540Rear PTO independent II, rpm: 1000Rear PTO synchronous, revolutions per meter: 4,87PTO control: electrohydraulic


front wheels: 420/70R24rear wheels: 18,4R38Wheel formula: 4х4

Hydraulic linkage system

Type: Universal, separate-modular with a hydraulic lift providing power, positional and mixed control of the depth of soil cultivationCarrying capacity of the rear attachment on the suspension axis, kg: 4300Maximum pressure, MPa: 20Pump capacity, liters per minute: 51Hydraulic system capacity, liters: 28
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