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Flax belt fluffer "VLN-4.5"

Flax belt fluffer “VLN-4.5”

Описание модели

The fluffer is designed to tear off the flax tape from the flax in order to reduce the moisture content of the stalks and improve the conditions for their selection by balers.

The drive of the fluffing drums, carried out from the tractor’s synchronous PTO, allows to increase the working speed of the movement, while maintaining the quality of the flax.

1 079 880р

General characteristics

Machine type: hingedCapture width, m: 4,5Productivity, ha/h: 2.7 to 5.4Weight, kg: no more than 1100Working speed, km / h: 6-12Tractor, class. vehicle: 1,4Tractor hitch type: Hinged device -2Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, m

length: 2,0width: 4,4height (by tractor): 0,95
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