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«Miratorg» plans to return 10 thousand hectares of abandoned lands of Smolensk region to agricultural circulation.

«Miratorg» plans to return 10 thousand hectares of abandoned lands of Smolensk region to agricultural circulation.

Due to the increase in the livestock of cattle, the agricultural holding «Miratorg» plans to develop more than 10 thousand hectares of abandoned land in Roslavl, Ershichsky, Pochinkovsky, Khislavichsky, Monastyrshchinsky districts in 2019.

Expansion of land is necessary for the organization of pastures and forage production. The company grows corn for silage and grain, annual and perennial grasses, which allows to fully provide the fodder base of the meat project and guarantees the quality and naturalness of beef.

«Miratorg» considers the Smolensk region as one of the key regions for the development of beef cattle breeding. The main stages of the business project are being implemented in the region: fodder production, herd reproduction and raising young stock for subsequent fattening, slaughter and processing. The company has invested over 7 billion rubles in a beef cattle breeding project since the beginning of 2015: more than 500 jobs have been created in the region, 10 cattle farms are operating with a total livestock of more than 37 thousand heads. The holding continues to invest in land reclamation, the return of abandoned agricultural land to circulation, and the replenishment of the agricultural machinery fleet.

«The development of fallow lands requires the use of complex agronomic technologies, specialized equipment and significant investments. For agricultural producers this is a long and laborious process, – explained I.O. Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Smolensk Region Tsarev Alexander Anatolyevich. – To support farmers, the regional budget provides for subsidies to reimburse part of the costs associated with the involvement of agricultural land in the turnover. The state program “Development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food in the Smolensk region” is working for this in the region. In 2018, 18 agricultural producers took advantage of this support measure. The total investment of farmers in carrying out cultural and technical works and land reclamation in the region at the end of 2018 amounted to more than 165 million rubles».

The agricultural holding is consistently increasing the area of cultivated land by introducing into the crop rotation areas that have not been cultivated for decades and have already been overgrown with shrubs and small forests. For the development of abandoned lands, modern high-performance equipment of the best world brands is used – forestry cutters, mulchers, desiccators, cultivators, wood chips. The use of modern agricultural technologies and high-performance agricultural machines ensures the efficiency of the crop division.

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